1. Those look really very yummy. I’m trying to breathe them in. I wish I could just have a tiny sniff, and of course taste;)

    • Suzi said:

      They were so good Tracie!

  2. Lisa Epp said:

    I can almost smell them, all warm and filling up your kitchen with that home baked smell.
    Great capture of them Suzi!

    • Suzi said:

      Thanks Lisa. They’re all gone already!

  3. Kirstin said:

    Have they gone already? I’d love to try one…x

    • Suzi said:

      You can have the first one when I make them next 🙂 x

  4. Debby said:

    When I’m living in your part of the world I’ll be popping around for cake please! They look yum x

    • Suzi said:

      You’ll be welcome for cake and a cuppa any day 🙂

  5. sam said:

    goodness Suzi. those look so good. i can almost taste them…… xx

  6. jacqui said:

    oh yum, they do look good… i wish i could almost taste them 😉 x

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