1. jacqui said:

    I absolutely love this photo of yours Debby. I’m so glad you posted it here… x

    • Debby said:

      thank you, Jacqui. It was a treat to capture the light after so many grey days! xx

  2. Lisa Epp said:

    What a gorgeous window, and that light!!
    Yes, I could sit there and love this moment.

    • Debby said:

      Lisa, it’s a window at Leeds Castle in Kent. We were lucky enough to have an overnight stay there.

  3. sam said:

    A beautiful start Debby. So quiet and calm. Perfectly Sunday. I love it. xx

    • Debby said:

      Thank you, Sam. This one was an easy choice xx

  4. Suzi said:

    Lovely peaceful moment and so very Sunday xx

    • Debby said:

      Thank you Suzi. And thank you, again, for asking me to join this lovely group x

  5. Debby said:

    Thank you, Kirstin x

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