A Man looks into the horizon, backpack on, his dog is on his side, an adventure is about to begin

    • Suzi said:

      Thanks for your comment Miguel 🙂

      • I’d love to use this as a basis for an illustration. I’m writing a young-adult fiction diary that deals on a group of young teens surviving in the “Year 7 after the Deaths” a thrilling post-apocalypse 100% zombie-free 🙂

  2. sam said:

    that reflection of the sky is amaaaaazing Suzi. goodness. xx

    • Suzi said:

      We were so happy to see the sun if only for a short while! x

  3. Lisa Epp said:

    I agree with Sam, that sky reflection is fantastic! Beautiful day for a walk at the beach!
    Love this moment

    • Suzi said:

      It was chilly but great to be outside. Thanks Lisa x

    • Suzi said:

      Thanks for your comment Caitlin.

  4. jacqui said:

    I love the moment you captured here, suzi. & that reflection is fabulous!

  5. Debby said:

    Oh so lovely. I don’t care how cold it is at the moment, as long as the sun’s shining!

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