1. I love these green flowers and got them once for a friend! Do you know what they are called?

    • jacqui said:

      Hi there, I’m pretty sure they’re just a daisy. I’m not good with plant names though, so I could be wrong 🙂

      • I think you’re probably right, based on what I could find on Google! : )

  2. Suzi said:

    Beautiful Jacqui. Loving all that green x

  3. just completely perfect. And hello there Jacqui, I missed your birthday this year. So today, belated happy birthday. Hope it was wonderful.

    • jacqui said:

      thank you Tracie, I had a perfect day x

  4. sam said:

    your signature gorgeous style and touch Jacqui. i love this one. xx

  5. Lisa Epp said:

    I agree with Sam as well. This is so very you, and captured beautifully! Always such a gentle softness with your images. It is wonderful.

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