1. kirstin said:

    I do so love Bath. These are gorgeous, Suzi and really sum up what Bath is all about, making me wish I was there even more than before! x

  2. Lisa Epp said:

    The whole feeling of both of these images, the color and tones go so well, it feels fresh and beautiful.
    Between you and Kirstin, you guys are the dippy queens!
    Beautiful image Suzi!!

  3. jacqui said:

    I agree with Lisa, you girls pair these diptychs so amazingly. This one is gorgeous. I’ve never been to Bath, I think I’ll have to visit there one day… x

  4. suzi said:

    Thank you sweet ladies. Jacqui, what fun we would have if we all went to Bath! xx

    • jacqui said:

      Ooooh, yes, a trip to Bath… let’s do it… in about two years (I just need to save some pennies, get my girl through her two years of upper high school and finish this darned uni degree & I’ll definitely be there) 🙂

  5. sam said:

    The bunting……the green green grass……the sweet plants in the window……. I love the way you see things miss Suzi. xx

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