1. kirstin said:

    Suzi, I adore this! All those wonderful colours shining in the sun. x

  2. sam said:

    I love how we get the view looking both directions. And how everything is full of character. Looks like a fantastic place Suzi. xx

  3. suzi said:

    It was such a beautiful morning, I had to get out and take some photos. Thank you x

  4. jacqui said:

    I love this, Suzi. I’m seriously expecting to see some of your shots in a lifestyle magazine soon. They are awesome x

    • suzi said:

      Thank you lovely Jacqui x

  5. Lisa Epp said:

    Wow. I feel like this is one of those perfect postcards you pick up after a fabulous weekend getaway.
    It is wonderful Suzi!

    • suzi said:

      Thank you Lisa. I’ve been thinking of getting some printed up x

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